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7 things Great Brands Do

What is a brand?  Most people think of a brand as a company’s logo, its font usage, it’s colours and other aesthetic items. According to Denise Lee Yohn, a brand is the bundle of values and attributes that define the unique value an organization delivers to customers and the unique way the organization operates.

“A brand is a strategic platform for managing and growing a business”

Yohn goes on to say that in her research she discovered that building a great brand requires an understanding of this principal and quality application of a brand. There are however 7 distinct habits that great brands all follow.

Start Inside – They cultivate a vibrant corporate culture around their brand because they know their culture determines whether or not the brand is embraced by employees and other stakeholders and appropriately interpreted and reinforced with customers.

Avoid selling products – Great brands know that people make purchase decisions based on how products make them feel or the identities products help them experience or express — so they seek to create emotional connections with people and use product features as mere support for that emotional appeal.

Ignore Trends – Following a trend might provide an uplift to your brand in the short term, however Yohn found that great brands not only ignore trends, they actually challenge them.

Don’t chase customers – Great brands know that if you stand for something clearly, some people will love you and some will hate you, but the ones that love you will buy your brand and be willing to pay a premium for it.

Sweat the small stuff – Sweating the small stuff means caring about details like flooring, as well as lighting, signage, display materials, uniforms, smells in the bathroom, door handles, carry-out bags, receipts… Everything communicates.  Every touch point matters.

Get and stay committed – great brands drill down to their absolute aspirations and lock them in. Then they execute on them relentlessly so that customers over time will learn exactly what the brand stands for and come to trust that the brand will deliver it every time.

Never have to give back – Great brands are making positive social change without engaging in typical Corporate Social Responsibility activities. They’re redefining CSR as CSV: Creating Shared Value, and using the power of their brands to inspire change and produce an overall beneficial impact on society.

Logic has spent a huge amount of time developing our brand.  It would be fair to say that the aesthetic elements of our brand were our focus initially.  It has taken 3 years of solid work to ensure the cultural and values elements have aligned with where we are taking the business.

It is very hard to get a read on how effective the “soft” elements of our brand have been.  It was only this Friday at a networking function where our efforts were validated in my eyes.  I was speaking to a competitor who articulated to me our exact brand without me ever having spoken to him about it.




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