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The Amazing Business of Fashion

Each week, I think during the week about what interesting tid-bits have come up in the world of business.  I have to admit this week I was a bit stumped and was talking to my daughter about it.  She is a fashion victim and immediately instructed me to write about handbags – my initial reaction was to laugh, then I thought about it.

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Andy Nigel Devil Wears Prada

3 Essential Ingredients for a Great Customer Experience

Your market is no doubt crowded with competitors and competitive forces that inherently mean your business needs to differentiate itself from “the crowd”.  Customer “service” has long been considered table stakes in modern business.  I.E. If your customer service is poor, your business will go backwards, with a clear and defined customer experience you business is a long way toward differentiating itself from the pack.

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Don King

Using Net Promoter to drive business growth

If your business relies on customer service, and you want it to grow, building your net promoter score is an awesome tool to achieve both.

Read enough blogs and business articles on customer service and you will no doubt hear the term “net promoter”. Continue reading…

Logic Culture

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