Pablo Escobar – A True Entrepreneur

Recently I have watched the Netflix series Narcos on the life of the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar. As I watched it, it struck me that he was actually an amazing business man who built a staggeringly successful empire. Admittedly the empire was built on a foundation of illegal drug trafficking, violence and corruption, it was however an amazing achievement.

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Why Entrepreneurs Absolutely Never ask for Help?

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I have a very deep passion for the art of entrepreneurialism. I say art deliberately; entrepreneurs are often very creative people who can see opportunities that others don’t see, they have to make up the game as they go along and they are deeply passionate about their business.

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Motivational Posters

1 Super Easy Change to Motivate People to Act

In the US economy alone there is almost $2 billion worth of money that is spent on unused gift vouchers.  This has lead consumer groups to call for legislative change that would force retailers to further extend the expiration time frame on these vouchers to give people more time to redeem them.

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Ben Horowitz

The Rules of Success – Part II

A while back I wrote a blog post on Steve Jobs’ explanation of the rules of success, in essence do what you are passionate about.  However, more recently I watched a video of Ben Horowitz, the famous Silicon Valley investor who has backed many highly successful tech businesses including – Facebook, Skype, Box, Groupon and Pinterest – his assertion is in actual fact don’t follow what you are passionate about.


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Yellow Brick Road

The Joys of my Entrepreneurial Journey

Its late July 2009, my 16 year journey into building a national healthcare staffing business has come to a horrible end.  I put my business into Voluntary Administration, a business that employed over 700 casual staff and 50 permanent staff and had offices dotted all over the nation.  It left me tired, broke and very worried about the future.


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Alan Bond

Alan Bond – Hero or Villain?

Famous Australian entrepreneur Alan Bond died this week aged 77.  Bond’s legacy is a complicated one and opinion is divided.  Bond, however will be remembered as a person who achieved some amazing things as well as a person who did some very bad things.

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Richard Corman

Ralph Lauren – A True Entrepreneur

One of my favourite clothing brands is Ralph Lauren, in my view the clothing has a simple and understated elegance whilst remaining contemporary.  However behind the fashion is a company that is a global powerhouse, and behind that company is a true entrepreneurial journey.  Forgive the pun, but it’s a genuine rags to riches story.


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Why Australia should celebrate entrepreneurs

Allan Bond, Laurie Connell, Kevin Parry and others involved in W.A Inc. at the height of the 80s have probably given the term “entrepreneur” a bad reputation.

However, every day across Australia and the globe for that matter, there are millions of entrepreneurs running small and medium sized businesses. Continue reading…

Ted Turner

Ted Turner – A true entrepreneur

Sometime in the early ’90s I was loaned a book “It Ain’t as Easy as it Looks”, a biography of Ted Turner. Reading that book had a remarkable effect on my outlook on life. It was probably the one thing that kicked off my entrepreneurial journey. Continue reading…

Logic Culture

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