Future of Sales

Everything You Need to Know About Sales for the Next Five Years

The internet has changed the process of selling forever because it has changed the way people buy.  No longer can a sales person assume they are armed with all the information and the buyer is simply going to believe what you are telling them.

Content on the internet is growing at such a rapid pace that buyers have a vast array of information available to them during the buying process. Naivety is no longer a factor.

This is forcing the sales process to change dramatically and salespeople are no longer simply there to try to influence a person to buy their product or service, moreover their role is to work with a client in order to craft solutions that uniquely help a client.

With this as a backdrop what are the major shifts that will happen to your sales team over the coming 5 years.


Decision Makers Will Become Harder to Get to – If your sales team is having difficulty gaining access to decision-makers now, beware: Direct access to these key people will continue to diminish in the foreseeable future. Buyers are also increasingly choosing to use technology to manage purchase-transactions rather than working with salespeople directly.

You can expect traditional cold-calling methods to produce lower yields, to the point that having salespeople perform direct prospecting will become cost-prohibitive.


Consultative Selling Will Give way to Authority Selling – A consultant asks, “What is your pain?” An expert says, “Here is your pain.” But an authority is able to determine, “This is the pain of your industry and how you can uniquely overcome it.”.

Authority selling is the approach that moves you further up the organizational ladder of buyers and gives you the advantage in a competitive comparison.


Sales roles will become more specialised – While salespeople will still exist, their future roles will look very different. This does not mean that there will be fewer jobs per se in the world of revenue generation, but those jobs will look different from what we now call “sales.”

Sales Roles of the Future are

  • Traders
  • Solutions Architects
  • Project Managers
  • Lead Generators


These changes will not happen overnight and have been looming for quite some time now. As an astute CEO of a growth business, you should be preparing yourself for these changes now. What generated success in the past, will not guarantee it in the future, and many companies will suffer as a consequence of not adapting.

At Logic, we are rapidly implementing systems and processes to move from a consultative sales process to an authority-based model – this is quite an exciting shift. Additionally we have already broken our sales force into the types prescribed.

Each of these changes has been painful and required large amounts of effort, it has however been one of the key driving points for our business as the world changes around us.


Image: http://www.empoweredsalestraining.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/bigstock-Future-Business-Solutions-Busi-7170122.jpg

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