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  • Cloud

    Cloud computing allows your business all the benefits of the very latest in software and technology without the sting up upfront capital expenditure.

    Logic Business Cloud gives your business a fully scalable computing solution reducing barriers to growth, granting you the flexibility to pursue new opportunities.  We work closely with you to tailor your business cloud solutions and outcomes.

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24/7 specialist support
from our local team

  • Based in the Perth metro region

  • Remote and onsite delivery

What our clients say

PC Locs struggled for years with slow ADSL and wireless Internet speeds in an area with few options. Logic offered their own high speed cable service at a reasonable price and with their usual efficiency quickly had us operating at previously unheard of speeds.
Pat Noonan Pc Locs
Switching to Logic’s bonded Ethernet solution has been a watershed moment for my business. Staff are now able to maximise their time at work using the internet quickly and efficiently. Being able to send large data files almost instantly means much better productivity; a fact that isn’t lost on our client base.
Richard Cook OzLinc
More staff? That’s fine. More space? No problem. Faster Internet? Easy.

Logic Culture

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