Logic Managed Services

Information Technology is a tool to make your business more efficient and your staff more productive, not a burden that needs to be constantly looked after. IT run well will make your business better and more competitive.

This is what Logic Managed IT Services can give your business. We’ll not only make sure all your Information Technology runs brilliantly but most importantly we work with you at a business level to ensure you are using your IT to the best of it’s potential – giving your business that vital competitive edge.

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Logic Premium Internet

A reliable and stable Internet connection is a crucial part of running a successful business. While you may be able to ‘get by’ with a standard internet connection, growing organisations get huge gains from a business grade Internet connection. With Logic Premium Internet you are giving your business the benefit of Perth’s only 100% business Internet Service.

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Logic Business Cloud

Cloud computing allows your business all the benefits of the very latest in software and technology without the sting up upfront capital expenditure.

Logic Business Cloud gives your business a fully scalable computing solution reducing barriers to growth, granting you the flexibility to pursue new opportunities. We work closely with you to tailor your business cloud solutions and outcomes.

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Logic Business Voice

VoIP (voice over IP) allows you to make phone calls over your Internet connection instead of costly traditional landlines. VoIP and Internet telephony dramatically reduces the call fees charged by ordinary telephone services, which, can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Imagine, no line rental, no hefty fees for calls and fully integrating your smartphone with your business telephone system

Logic Business Voice gives you all the advantages of VoIP plus the comfort of a local team of specialists supporting your staff and business.

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